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by Armagan Amcalar

Nimble is a modern-era career support network founded and led by Armagan Amcalar. Nimble offers a wide range of services to individuals and companies in tech, helping them achieve their goals in a systematic, refreshing way.


Trying to survive alone in the tech world is hard, and is quite unnecessary. Everybody could benefit from professional guidance and help. Nimble is designed to provide personal support to you throughout your professional life. Moreover, Nimble brings personal coaching and mentorship together with a support network, so you find even greater support for the challenges you are tackling.


With Nimble, you unlock new paths for your career. Whether you want to grow in your current role or looking for ways to make the jump to the next, Nimble offers mentorship to illuminate your path.


Being an engineer nowadays is hard! There is a lot to learn, and you might be overburdened by daily work. You might be struggling with keeping up with the pace of your colleagues, or you might want to advance to the next stage in your career, whether it’s senior engineering or software architecture. In any case, I offer mentorship and practical tips to ensure you have what it takes to become (and stay) a great engineer.

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Whether you are trying to find your place in your team, or you are looking for a new team, I can help you tackle work-related problems. Salary negotiations, giving and receiving feedback from your manager and peers, talking about promotion, dealing with burnouts, planning your daily routine and work are only some of the topics we cover.


Engineering is hard, but becoming a manager and assuming ownership of a team is even harder. I can help you climb the leadership ladder up with firm steps, and I can help you create and maintain a strong engineering culture within your team that will delight every team member and make you a favorite leader. Conducting performance reviews, salary and promotions, hiring, interviewing, team spirit and psychology, caring about team members individually, setting up the right team formation, project management and process optimization are only some of the topics we tackle.

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Every company is transforming into a tech company. Having dedicated tech teams and owning technical implementation is a hard requirement for success. But hiring a team is only the beginning. How do you make sure you have a team that performs? How do you make sure you have the best possible investment in tech with your resources?

As demand for software engineering grows, more and more people join the industry. Oftentimes, companies struggle with finding the right mentorship opportunities to grow their hires. The average tenure of a startup employee is around 11 months, and one of the top reasons for why people leave their companies is their direct managers. Lack of management and leadership skills in your existing team is one of the biggest barriers on your path to sustainable success


I work with your existing team to improve their technical prowess as well as leadership skills, so you can confidently build up your tech organization in-house, and create a working environment that is lucrative to new talent.

Invite members of your team to Nimble and get team specific coaching and guidance in a private environment. Provide your team members an opportunity for continuous growth with team goals and team-specific programs.


Hiring a great team is only the beginning. How do you make sure they hone their skills to stay relevant in the coming years and provide your business with the best possible technical support? Finding senior engineers is ideal but how would you develop your own senior engineers? Do you have engineering managers who only recently got promoted to management? How do you ensure they take good care of the entire team?
I can work with your team members either individually or in groups to ensure a highly productive environment. I take care of their career development so you rest assured they get the best possible treatment and grow in their roles.


What is the best possible path to success? In which direction should you develop your product? What are the features you should invest in next? How do you ensure your technological strategy is in line with your business strategy?

I can review your plans, work with your team to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can best contribute to your strategy.


Which technologies would make sense for your business? How will you maintain the complexity of various technologies while delivering features at speed? When should you adopt a new technology, if you ever need it? How will you onboard your teams to the new technology? I can work with your teams to figure out the best approach in adopting a certain technology and guarantee a smooth handover.


There are infinite number of ways to implement a product. I can work with your product and tech teams to ensure you have the right priorities and the right setup for continuous value delivery. Together, we can find a common work mode that will enable a high degree of productivity, while eliminating the frustration for unnecessary implementations or the stress for artificial deadlines.


If your teams require on-site support that is more in-depth in terms of a technology, an architectural or a management approach, I offer custom workshops designed to answer all of the questions your teams might have. Usual topics include very technological discussions like microservices architecture, cloud-native applications, DevOps, automated testing, domain driven design, scalable software architecture and database design.


If you are running a critical project for your company or for a client and would like to have a thorough review of the practices you employ, I offer code and architecture reviews. The goal is to get a clear understanding of how the system in question is best handled, with future concerns of maintainability and sustainability in mind.
I also offer due diligence on your behalf for external services and resources you want to use.


To find out more information about learning at Nimble, contact us today.

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