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by Armagan Amcalar

Nimble is a modern-era career support network founded and led by Armagan Amcalar. Nimble offers a wide range of services to individuals and companies in tech, helping them achieve their goals in a systematic, refreshing way.


Software industry is shaping the world. The future is being created by thousands of bright minds who are mesmerized by the impact they could have on the world. Companies compete to be the next unicorn. And they all employ engineers. They sign more and more engineers in an attempt to improve the overall output, and this creates an ever-growing stress on individuals to deliver.

The practice of software engineering is in its infancy compared to more established fields. Individuals suffer from the lack of understanding of best practices to ensure timely success. There are not enough leaders and managers, and most senior engineers are "promoted" into management without adequate experience. They get this experience on the expense of costly mistakes.

Nimble brings in a vast pool of experience to guide engineers, managers, and companies in their struggles with productivity, career paths, and growth. No one should have to learn by repeating the costly mistakes everyone else did. Nimble is formed out of a necessity to balance this, by sharing valuable experience and insights.




I am a natural leader and an entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience founding and leading multiple startups and innovative products. I garnered a deep understanding of technology by building systems ranging from integrated circuits to multi-cloud systems architecture. Throughout my adventures, I learnt the effect of technology on people.

I have led the creation of several innovative products that millions of people use daily. I thrive creating scalable engineering environments and processes with strong vision and solid fundamentals to enable businesses and fuel innovation.

Having a strong academic and commercial research background, I help people navigate through the technology space.


I lead my engineering teams by example, living their lives and fighting their fights. Experienced in growing and teaching engineering teams, I also teach principles of software engineering in non-profits and universities.

I have been sharing my experiences with mentees from all over the world for years. I have established and run a sustainable engineering bootcamp between 2011 and 2014, and I have helped hundreds of people enter the software industry with firm steps.



I have several open-source frameworks on GitHub, and several awards on engineering and entrepreneurship. I have been speaking at conferences and events all around the world since 2012. My favorite topics include cloud infrastructure, microservices, team building, public speaking, and team culture.

I also give workshops on public speaking and cloud infrastructure.

Find my latest talks on

Nimble is my next step in bringing this wealth of experience and vision to the rest of the industry.

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